Error Encountered, Sorry There was a problem with this request in Mobile App

Hi All,

We have recently done an app for browser and the same has to work from the mobile.

However when we are trying to click on the Next button on the Mobile App. we are getting an Error. screenshot is attached. Please help.

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  • Hi Stefan!

    • We realized an interface for mobile with 2 cards and 2 graphs, when we click on one of the 2 cards, the application shows a specific graph under the 2 cards. In this way everything works on web page, mobile page and APPIAN APP.

    • if I want to add the condition that after selecting one of the two cards, only the specific graph is shown and cards hidden with ShowWhen, from APPIAN APP the error is shown, but from web page and mobile page everything works.

    We manage showWhen condition with a variable at the card selection, the same variable is used in another condition where it works correctly.


    The real question is: why the site works on web page and mobile page but it doesn’t work on APPIAN APP?