Is there a way to add javascript to an appian interface to retrieve data from a web-based GIS system

Hi all,

We have an Appian interface into which [at present] the users type in some details about a particular area of land - such as its lot number, street address, postal zip code, and the local government jurisdiction that it falls under.

However, all of this information is available in our web based GIS [Geographical Information System] which allows the users to search a map [very similar in basic operation to google maps].  At present, when the users want to enter data into the screen provided by our appian interface, they load up another browser window and look up all the details in our GIS system, and then - with both windows open - type in the values they can see on the GIS mapping tool.

What we would *like* to be able to do, is to automatically populate the fields in our appian interface from the GIS system.  To do so, requires making an api call to the GIS system.  If I was doing this in a normal web application, I would do it with javascript that makes a call to the remote GIS system and the populates the relevant fields.  Is it possible to add some javascript that allows me to set field values in the Appian interface?  I want to just programatically populate the fields in the Appian interface on-screen, and then allow the users to choose to submit the form [or not] in order to store those looked up values into our Appian based application.

Any suggestions/pointers much appreciated.

thanks heaps,

David. :-)

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