Push uploaded file via integration to external system


I do have a UI as start form for process model. This UI has fileUpload control. I would like user to upload file to external system (API) even before user submit the form. File that is uploaded and before submission are stored in temperate location and when i tried to call document function with that file there is information that file dose not exist. 

Is it possible to access to file that is stored in temporary location before submitting a form?

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  • No. A file is only accessible after a submit action.

    Is there a reason you want to upload the file before submit?

  • first let me apologies for not replaying for so long. I had a problem with logging in to Appian community.

    In our case users have a bunch of filters and once he/she setup all of them  then DB is called. This takes around 1 minute to return data. Then user want to select 1 or more rows of records and  linked them together along with file which is a backup for such link (matching process). If the upload button is submit button then user is moved back to base screen when data loading process start from scratch.

    I was able to solve it. I have setup record type with list actin that call process model with start screen. This record action is setup under button on my main screen. When user click this popup appears where user can upload file click submit. Then popup window is closed and on main screen by using process report i'm able to  get uploaded file id. In this way there is no longer need to refresh data grid.