Regarding UploadFile Component and its Performance Metric

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Hello All,

I have a question regarding the uploadfile component. When a file is uploaded using this component, the default behavior is the screen shits its focus to the top.

Our requirement is to have the focus at the same section of uploadfile component i.e Upload as per the screenshot.

Whenever we upload any file in Appian, the file is scaned for virus and then upload to the Appian KM space.

The other requirement is to capture the metric/performance when a file of size ranging from 100MB to 1GB is uploaded.

Thanks & Regards

Girish Katti

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    in reply to Stefan Helzle

    Hello Stefan,

    Actually we are migrating a legacy application build on C# and in their current behavior after the submit action the interface is not displayed from the top

    Yes I agree in Appain we see the interface is displayed from the top on submission, which is the issue for the users. So we have no alternative and confirm this is Appian behavior.

    Any performance metrics on size vs. time is possible?

    Thanks & Regards

    Girish Katti