Refresh Interface after a!startProcess does not work

Certified Senior Developer


We have a simple interface wich contains a refresh button that triggers a a!startProcess() function (to update some fields in Db and then update fields in the GUI). 
The interface is displayed from a RecordType view.
The process gets some data and then write simply the current datetime into an updated_on field in the table. 
The problem we met is when we click on the button, the data are not refreshed (or works just the first time). 
When we debug the variables in the interface we can see that the data are still the Old ones despite the fact the data are correct in the Db table. 
If we click again and again, the data are never refreshed. 
I've tried a lot of things :
- add a counter in the interface to ensure the save is called when the process ended
- all the process nodes are well chained. 
- I've deleted a lot of nodes in the process so that now it contains only 5 nodes (to be sure, to avoid the 50 nodes issues). 
- I've created a little testing snippet example and all works fine in another environment (with a Site, a RecordType, a process, a simple Interface and the Vehicle CDT example).

Would you have any idea why this problem occurs ? 


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