Nagivation (Lightweight) pattern control


I am using a Navigation (Lightweight) pattern.

When the user clicks on the left menu for example 2nd menu item, I am able to load the respective page. But, when I try to save the data on the 2nd menu item page, after saving it is loading the first menu item page. It is not staying in the same page.

Any advises here please.

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    Hello, Can you check what is the value that is being saved in local!selection and ri!page at each stage. I couldn't figure out what else might be the reason for that behavior. Where is this form displayed. are you using in a process model or using it in a start form? In case if it is a start form you will face this issue. try to replace your rule inputs with locals since you are planning to use a!writeToDataStoreEntity(). If you do not want to change your variables to locals may be you can use neted interfaces and then use locals.

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