Current Appian striphtml() function only stripping html entity number for few, but html entity name still remains in the given text. Html Decode

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Do we have any Html decode function other than stripHtml? or any regex function to use ?

Example of My current String which I get from Portal and it will be saved in DB as

"I’m Appian resource.  Any other existing–resource?"

If I use striphtml("I’m Appian resource.  Any other existing–resource?")

I am getting same output -> "I’m Appian resource.  Any other existing–resource?"

If I use

merge({ "’", "–" }, { "'", "-" })

Then I will get proper result -> "I'm Appian resource.  Any other existing-resource?"

But I can't predict only 2 html entity names. There are many, that I need to convert and display in a!paragraph field.

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    /* remove the initial "p tags"*/
    local!strippedText: ri!textToConvert,
    /* strip "p" tag from stand alone "br" tags */
    local!strippedText2: substitute(
    /* knock out the ending "p" tags */
    local!strippedText3: substitute(local!strippedText2, "</p>", ""),
    /*replace list end tags */
    local!strippedText4: substitute(local!strippedText3, "</ul><p>", "</ul>"),
    local!strippedText5: substitute(local!strippedText4, "</ol><p>", "</ol>"),
    substitute(local!strippedText5, "<p>", "<br>"))

    like above

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