Auto-refresh issue on scrolling in dropdown of 100+ choices with 1+ null choice label, on a monitor

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This is an issue that was initially reported on a Site and I could not replicate it when testing in any browser, until I thought to test on a separate monitor (not my laptop screen). When testing on the monitor was able to replicate in Chrome & Edge through the Site, through the top-level parent interface, and through the interface that contained the dropdown (although for the customers instead of a refresh, it was causing the entire page to turn grey). Can only replicate the issue on my laptop screen through the interface, not through the Site. I have reached a resolution for the issue (updating/deleting rows in the database or logic on local!choices to replace nulls with "Unknown") but sharing since I was not able to find anything when I had searched online. Believe the issue was caused by a user deleting some of the data for a couple rows before using the "Delete" icon/button that had been set up.

The case was the query pulling in the data did not have any filters & there were couple similar fields in the database: code, desc, name. The queried data was sorting on the code (always not null) & using the desc (couple nulls) as the Choice Labels (IDs as the Choice Values, all unique integers). Below is some code that can be copy-pasted into a test rule if anyone would like to see what the issue looks like, just need to do the testing on a separate monitor (not your laptop screen).

  local!values: enumerate(105),
  local!choices: touniformstring({enumerate(15), "", enumerate(89)}),
  local!selection: null,
    contents: a!dropdownField(
      label: "Dropdown",
      placeholder: "-- Select a Value --",
      choiceLabels: local!choices,
      choiceValues: local!values,
      value: local!selection,
      saveInto: local!selection

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     this seems to be a bug. I attached a video showing the behaviour.

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    in reply to Stefan Helzle

    Right, thanks Stefan. This was just a test script since I cannot show the actual data, but it was a dropdown that needed to include deleted/historical values so they did not want any filters applied. I had to meet with them to get confirmation on how to update the database to resolve the issue, it is fixed now, so just wanted to share in case anyone else runs into this issue.

  • Yes this does look like a bug to me - I was able to replicate it as well. Would you mind opening a support case to submit this? That makes it easier for us to track this Slight smile

    Thanks for reporting!

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    in reply to Peter Lewis

    Sure thing Peter, just sent an email to

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