How to stop auto reload of interface after the completion of a!startProcessLink()

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Hi All,

We have build an application wherein we have some DB calls happening on the main page and then there is a a!startProcessLink() action configured to modify any data. Everything is working correctly but as soon as a!startProcessLink() is completed, the main interface reloads causing every DB calls to re-execute. We know this can be handled properly via recordType but as per our requirement that is not the suitable option. Can anyone suggest how we can stop making these extra calls if possible? Thanks in advance

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    Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for the reply. Please find the asked details below.

    Use Case:

    We are showing a readonly form to our users(Similar to record data). There are few ad-on buttons like adding new record, updating existing record etc. We are using a!startProcesslink() to display these button and hence on the click of it, a new process is called where users can add/update data and click submit. 

    Why we can not use record type

    Its due to one simple reason wherein we are providing First,Next,Previous,Last button and on the click on these buttons user can directly get the desired record and these functionality doesn't seems to be possible via record type

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    But you can still use record actions. Give this a try.