Is there any method to achieve eye icon in password textbox

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Hello I just want to get eye icon into the password field.
Is it possible in appian?


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    Hi Varun,

    As far as i know,

    We can't achieve this design as of now , Instead we can try other approaches like using checkbox field or, An eye but inline (Not inside the field)

  • Hi Varun
    We can achieve this with rich text Icon.

    Sample Code:
    items: {
    item: a!textField(
    label: "Password",
    labelPosition: "ABOVE",
    placeHolder: "--- Enter your Password ---",
    value: local!password,
    saveInto: local!password,
    required: true(),
    masked: local!mask
    width: "5X"
    item: a!richTextDisplayField(
    labelPosition: "COLLAPSED",
    value: {
    icon: if(
    local!mask = true(),
    link: a!dynamicLink(
    value: not(local!mask),
    saveInto: local!mask
    linkStyle: "STANDALONE",
    size: "MEDIUM"
    marginAbove: "MORE"
    alignVertical: "MIDDLE",
    marginAbove: "NONE",
    marginBelow: "STANDARD"