How to use required parameter in rich text display field?

Hello Everyone,

I am using rich text display field to capture ranting from user.

I want that field to be required and i am not able to figure it out how to do that.

Your help will be appreciated.

Below is the code i am using.


label: "Rating",
value: {
items: enumerate(ri!totalStars),
expression: {
icon: if(
fv!index <= ri!rating,
link: a!dynamicLink(
value: if(ri!rating=fv!index, 0, fv!index),
saveInto: ri!rating
linkstyle: cons!MMS_DG_LINK_STYLE[2],
color: cons!MMS_DG_BOX_STYLE[2],
size: cons!MMS_DG_LINK_SIZE[1]

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