Error in multidropdown field while using record in editable grid

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Hi all,
I am trying to show data in an editable grid where they can edit data and save it to back to database. While trying to display, I am getting the following error

This is how the data is present in database

I tried using split function but it didnt resolve the issue. Can someone tell what I am missing here . I have attached the code

  local!data: /*Query*/,
  local!dropdown: { "A", "B", "C", "D"},
    label: "Editable Grid",
    labelPosition: "ABOVE",
    headerCells: {
      a!gridLayoutHeaderCell(label: "Platform")
    columnConfigs: {},
    rows: {
        items: local!data,
        expression: a!gridRowLayout(
          contents: a!multipleDropdownField(
            label: "Platform",
            choiceLabels: local!dropdown,
            choiceValues: local!dropdown,
            value: fv!item['recordType!{a3bb3bf8-8475-4d37-8cdd-f8db72114a55}record.fields.{a4be7f3b-9f4c-4101-8518-99a99631768e}platform'],
    selectionSaveInto: {},
    validations: {},
    shadeAlternateRows: true

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