Both web and server administrators will learn how to maintain the Appian site, including best practices for managing users and groups, internationalization, and how to use web-based configuration settings through Appian’s Administration Console.
In addition, Server Admins can learn more about Appian’s architecture and components, how to install and upgrade an Appian installation, and best practices for additional system configuration settings.


  • Web Administration
    • Create and manage users through group hierarchies
    • Leverage the Administration Console to configure site branding, authentication, DevOps deployment features, integrations, and monitoring
    • Apply internationalization settings
    • Monitor and troubleshoot processes
    • Deploy and version plug-ins
  • Server Administration
    • Install Appian on-premise
    • Apply hotfixes and upgrade Appian versions
    • Explain Appian’s architectural requirements and components
    • Apply best practices for archiving data, checkpointing engine data, logging, and monitoring

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