Appian Advanced Data Design is a 2-day course obtained through an instructor-led experience. This course builds on knowledge gained in the Developer course and provides a thorough exploration of improving the performance, scalability, and flexibility of Appian applications through better designing and managing data. This course includes deep dives into both SQL databases as well as the best practices of working with Appian’s synced data capabilities.

This course is part of the Senior Developer course series and is designed for experienced practitioners with current knowledge of application development. We recommend participants have a current Appian Certified Associate Developer designation before enrolling.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Design the optimal data structure for a given use case
  • Deploy database change management strategies
  • Understand the value of Appian Modern Records, when to use them, and how to implement them
  • Troubleshoot implementations with bad performance and propose remedial strategies
  • Anticipate poor performance by leveraging volume testing 


  • Explain how Appian integrates with relational databases
  • Distinguish between transactional and reporting structures
  • Implement Appian Data Sync and identify best use cases
  • Optimize data queries for performance and scalability
  • Identify common load testing tools and practices

How can you take this course?

List Price 

   Instructor Led

You will spend 2 full days in a physical or virtual classroom with one of our instructors, as they direct your progress through the material.

$1800 2