Appian Advanced Expressions is a 2-day course obtained through an instructor-led experience. This course builds on knowledge gained in the Developer course and provides a thorough exploration of Appian’s low-code methodology. This course teaches many common software development practices and tailor them to Appian’s unique low-code power. The Advanced Expressions course is ideally suited for students joining active projects without software development backgrounds.

This course is part of the Senior Developer course series and is designed for experienced practitioners with current knowledge of application development. We recommend participants have a current Appian Certified Associate Developer designation before enrolling.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Implement industry-standard coding practices within Appian’s low-code environment
  • Manipulate data in a variety of formats with loops and arrays
  • Utilize many of Appian’s more advanced functions within reusable rules
  • Use proven quality assurance tactics for speeding up application delivery


  • Apply proven practices of Appian’s low-code methodology to complex expressions
  • Design high performance and reusable logic for use across multiple applications
  • Deep dive into Appian’s tool box of data manipulation functions
  • Incorporate proven quality assurance practices into rule design
  • Generate and manipulate complex data queries in a scalable manner

How can you take this course?

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You will be able to complete the course content at your own pace using our online course curriculum.

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