In Appian Advanced UX Design, you’ll learn how to create efficient, intuitive, and visually rich applications for your users. You’ll start by learning how to think about and plan your users’ experience using best practices from both the industry and Appian. These include guidance for configuring pages, layouts, and components to meet different personas and requirements. Drawing on recommendations and examples from Appian’s design experts, you’ll see examples and leverage patterns for enhancing navigation and presenting data and information clearly. This course will delve into a variety of topics in visual design, including accessibility, responsive design, and performance thus giving you the tools for creating powerful, dynamic, and contemporary designs that your users love to work in.

This course is part of the Senior Developer course series and is designed for experienced practitioners with current knowledge of application development. We recommend participants have a current Appian Certified Associate Developer designation before enrolling.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Plan Effective Interactions and UIs
  • Apply Best UX Design Practices
  • Design for Accessibility
  • Design Responsive UIs
  • Conduct Usability Testing
  • Optimize Performance


  • Utilize conceptual models to document the flow of interactions
  • Plan and administer different types of usability testing
  • Develop a professional and consistent style guide and branding portfolio
  • Apply layout best practices regarding color, spacing, layouts, and typography
  • Explain the role of accessibility in modern-day technology and implement best practices
  • Evaluate and optimize the performance of records and interfaces to decrease load times
  • Translate UI ideas into mockups within the Appian Interface Designer

How can you take this course?

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You will be able to complete the course content at your own pace using our online course curriculum.

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