This course provides an introduction to the Appian platform and its capabilities. You’ll start by learning what Appian is, and what it’s used for. Then you’ll zoom in on the four core capabilities — Appian’s data fabric, process automation, total experience, and process mining — and ways in which these can solve your business, data, and automation challenges. Review the interactive customer case studies at the end of this course to gain a better understanding of how customers use specific capabilities to solve real-life business challenges.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain what Appian is, and its value to your organization
  • Identify the four critical capabilities of Appian
  • Recall how the platform delivers value for each capability
  • Identify resources for learning more about Appian


  • Data fabric
  • Process automation
  • Total experience
  • Process mining
  • Customer case studies

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