Appian Applied Data is an in-depth, instructor-led course spanning four half-day sessions. Building upon the knowledge acquired in the Developer course, it provides comprehensive instruction on establishing a robust data foundation for Appian applications, focusing on enhancing performance, scalability, and flexibility through improved data design and management.

As part of the Senior Developer course series, this program is tailored for experienced practitioners with current knowledge of application development. We recommend that participants hold a valid Appian Certified Associate Developer designation before enrolling

Upon completion of this course, you will have the ability to:

  • Design the most suitable data structure for any given use case
  • Implement effective database change management strategies
  • Understand the benefits of data fabric, discern when to use it, and learn how to integrate it into new and existing applications
  • Troubleshoot poorly performing implementations and suggest corrective strategies
  • Predict potential performance issues through effective volume testing


  • Understand the significance of a solid data foundation in application development
  • Recognize the benefits and applications of data fabric
  • Gain practical experience in employing data fabric in new and existing applications
  • Familiarize yourself with standard tools and methods for load testing
  • Learn when and how to utilize best practices in data design

How can you take this course?

List Price 

   Instructor Led

You will spend 4 half-days in a physical or virtual classroom with one of our instructors, as they direct your progress through the material.

$1800 2