Explore the fundamentals of application development in this fast-paced learning experience designed for those of you who want to build, configure, and maintain applications.

Appian Fundamentals will introduce you to essential Appian terminology. You’ll start by learning application building block concepts and use them to plan and design an app with familiar requirements. You’ll then follow along, either with our self-paced, online learning material or together with an instructor, to create and test a variety of application objects into a functional user experience. You’ll learn the purpose and process for assembling many of the most common features across enterprise-worthy apps.

Developer Fundamentals will help prepare you for the Level 1 Credential exam. We recommend that you enroll in Developer Fundamentals together with Applied Development for an immersive, hands on experience that will ensure job-readiness for all technical participants.

Note: Online, you should enroll in the Appian Developer learning path, which includes the Developer Skills Practice Guide for following along to build an application.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Plan an Application
  • Create and Test Objects
  • Design Record and Other Interfaces
  • Automate Process Workflows
  • Design Interfaces and Processes


Application and Object Design

  • Constructing Appian Sites
  • Appian Records
  • Application Planning
  • Designing Interfaces
  • UX Best Practices
  • Application Structure & Security
  • Custom Data Types & Data Management
  • Business Rules
  • Queries
  • Advanced Interface Design
  • Local Variables
  • Reporting

Process Modeling

  • Process Modeling
  • Sub-Processes
  • Gateways
  • Exceptions/Escalations
  • Debugging
  • Assigning Tasks
  • Writing to Databases

Administration and Best Practices

  • Administration Console
  • Application Design Best Practices
  • Application Deployment
  • Community

How can you take this course?

List Price 

   Instructor Assisted

You will complete the course material over 4 weeks of independent work supplemented by weekly check-in meetings with your instructor.

$850 1

   Instructor Led

You will spend 5 full days in a physical or virtual classroom with one of our instructors, as they direct your progress through the material.

$4250 5