Complete this learning path to understand the value of process mining to your organization and how to use Appian Process Mining to identify process inefficiencies, optimize, and monitor them. You’ll learn about the three process mining methods, how to prepare your data for analysis, and how to analyze your process mining results. After you complete all four courses, you’ll be familiar with both Appian Process Mining modules: Process Mining and Mining Prep. Here are the four courses in the learning path:

  • Introduction to Process Mining: Provides an overview of process mining, typical process mining use cases, and an introduction to the Process Mining module.
  • Start a Process Mining Project: Explains how to set up a process mining project for success. Learn the framework for selecting a process and which requirements to gather.
  • Prepare and Transform Your Data: Provides an introduction to the Mining Prep module. You’ll also learn how to transform your process data into an event log, the format used by the Process Mining module. From there, the course shows you how to load those event logs into Process Mining for discovery and analysis.
  • Analyze Your Process: Explains how to interpret the mining results to discover more about your processes actually run. You’ll learn how to perform a root cause analysis to discover the reasons for process deviations. Use those results to plan the next steps in the continuous process optimization cycle.


  • Explain process mining
  • Articulate common use cases for process mining
  • Identify processes for analysis 
  • Identify data sources for analysis
  • Explain why it is important to transform raw data into an event log format
  • Define the various methods for extracting data from source systems
  • Define the activities performed in each step of data transformation
  • Analyze components of a discovered process model
  • Identify statistics that measure KPIs and influential attributes
  • Recall steps for performing a root cause analysis

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