• Initiating an Appian Project (Sprint 0)

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    Sprint 0 is an intense two to three week period during which the team initiates new projects to get them ready for the first application release. Projects do not typically...
  • Build Your Appian Development Team

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    The primary role of a low-code developer is executing the project backlog and building an application. As a developer gains more experience, they may choose to become...
  • Machine Learning Overview

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    Appian is integration agnostic and has the ability to connect with any machine learning offering that exposes itself with a web API. The purpose of this article is to...
  • Share Knowledge Across Your Organization

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    Why Knowledge Sharing Matters As the use of Appian becomes more widespread across different groups, teams and divisions of your organization, the impact of siloed or...
  • Problem Solving: Where to Start, When to Scale

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    Low-code’s speed is one of its defining characteristics. In environments where a single solution makes a big difference, low-code empowers you to deliver and deploy that...