Application Go-Live Readiness Checklist

Compliance with the items in this checklist is recommended for all Appian application deployments to ensure that the platform and applications are ready to be rolled out to the end users.

Self-managed or Appian Cloud Prod Readiness Checklist complete

Required plugins deployed

Admin console settings configured such as Secure Credentials Stores, authentication, branding, etc.

System sized appropriately to the size of the application and user base

(If applicable) Production systems are set up to accept integration calls

All production credentials for user authentication, integrations, or database connections are known to a trusted individual that can provide them for the deployment

If the development team does not have access, at least one point person has been granted system admin access in production and they will be available for deployment

End user acceptance testing executed

All critical defects resolved

Critical Appian Health Check findings identified in lower environments addressed

Performance test scripts executed on a production-clone environment

Prepopulated data in the performance testing environment represents minimum a year's worth

No performance concerns from the team or client

Missing Precedents action has confirmed that all necessary artifacts are in the application or package

All application artifacts security reviewed using Security Summary view

Values of environment-specific constants defined for production

Deployment plan/guide ready

(If applicable) Data migration plan ready

Post-deployment application validation test scripts ready and validation tester(s) identified and confirmed to have production access

Production user/group provisioning complete

Dependencies on other systems have been identified, and key individuals have been notified of this go-live (ex: if integrating with another system, ensure their point person is aware)

All application documentation is ready for hand off

Support administrators have been notified of application deployment and are ready to support the application

Production support communication chain is ready and shared with end users

Application monitoring plan is in place

Key personnel have Appian Community accounts and know how to log support cases

Application training is available for end users

Recurring Health Check cadence has been configured in production