Application Monitoring Checklist

To utilize Appian’s monitoring features to their full potential, ensure your applications are properly configured to surface errors that may occur. Additionally Appian logs errors and performance metrics that can be used to identify problems that would otherwise go unreported by users.

Application Monitoring Configuration Checklist

An administrator group is created for each application and the administrator group has administrator rights to all design objects in the application. At least 2 users added to the application administrator group in production for redundancy.

The Appian Health Check is scheduled to run in production at least monthly

Ensure that alert settings are set up to target the correct individuals. The Misconfigured Error Alerts design guidance finding will identify process models not following this best practice.

For Appian Cloud sites, consider setting up Log Streaming to digest and aggregate logs in real-time.

Application Monitoring Checklist

Review process alerts on a daily basis in the Process Activity tab.

The Appian Health Check is reviewed at least every month. Create an action plan to address the high and medium findings.

Review the Design Errors Details log every month to ensure unreported SAIL errors are not going undetected in the platform.

Review Appian monitoring tools like the Health Dashboard, Record Response Time tab, Record Sync Status tab, and Rule Performance view on a consistent basis.

Review the Integration Performance log to ensure the application’s integrations are not facing timeouts or unexpected errors. HTTP Request/Response logging can also be temporarily enabled to find out more information about a problematic integration.