KB-1637 Activity chaining not working as expected


A user does not see the subsequent task even when the tasks are activity chained. The task is seen in the users tasks list instead.


The number of unattended nodes that exists between two (attended) activity-chained tasks surpasses the (default) maximum number of 50.

This can be confirmed by navigating to the <APPIAN_HOME>/logs/db_PX** log and checking for entries of the following type:

[Activity Chaining] Could not chain to attended activity. Limit of 50 unattended nodes executed was reached.

Other reasons why an activity chain might break are described in this documentation.


  • Adding an attended activity with a simple form that says 'Click to continue' between the two chained tasks is one possible way to avoid hitting this limit.
  • Consider redesigning the process since having more than 50 unattended nodes in between two chained tasks can lead to poor user experience.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: August 2018