KB-1717 How to submit a product enhancement request


The purpose of this article is to specify the information required to submit an enhancement request for Appian.


Create a support case with the following details. Please be as detailed as possible to help us best understand your use case.

  1. Title of enhancement request
  2. Description
    1. Explain who (actors) does what (interactions) with the system, for what purpose (goal)
    2. Please feel free to attach any related images or other attachments to the support case
  3. Impact
    1. Clarify how this impacts the developer, end user, or account (e.g. was there a change to project schedule, application design or budget?)
  4. Workaround (if applicable)
    1. Workaround details
    2. Impact of using workaround

Note: Appian greatly appreciates all feedback on our product. However, please be aware that it is not our policy to provide information on when or how an enhancement request may be implemented in the product.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: May 2023