KB-1765 Tomcat FAQ

The purpose of this article is to answer some of the common questions regarding Appian's use of Tomcat.

Table of Contents:

Will any application server continue to work with Appian 18.3 and above?

No. Appian 18.3 and above will only work with Tomcat, which comes bundled with Appian.

Can I use a different instance of Tomcat, other than the one bundled with Appian?

No, Appian is configured specifically to work with the bundled instance of Tomcat. No other version or instance of Tomcat can be used.

Are Tomcat security patches included in Appian hotfixes?

Yes, security patches for Tomcat are shipped with Appian hotfixes.

Will Appian support Tomcat related issues?

Yes, Tomcat related issues are supported for the instance that comes bundled with Appian.

Is the bundled instance of Tomcat the standard or enterprise edition?

It is the standard edition. The Appian application no longer uses JavaEE capabilities like Enterprise Java Beans or Resource Adapters. As such, it only requires the standard Tomcat application server, not TomcatEE (TomEE).

Affected Versions

This article applies to Appian 18.3 and later.

Last Reviewed: September 2019