KB-1838 "The sub-process started by this activity has been deleted" errors found in the db_PX engine logs


In the <APPIAN_HOME>/logs directory, the db_PX* engine logs contain an error similar to the following one:

"ERROR .a.noa "Activity 1589: 'SUB_PROC', Process 2387: '<PROCESS_NAME>', Node instance 1558: 'Email Notification'" "Cause: The sub-process started by this activity has been deleted. Recommended Action: This node cannot complete. Please start the next node if necessary.""

Administrators will also be notified of the error via an email notification. If the error is continuously printed in the engine logs, then email notifications can accumulate.


A sub-process with dependencies was deleted, causing the dependent processes to fail. This would likely happen after a process cleanup on the environment.


Identify the problematic sub-processes from the db_PX* logs. On the front end, cancel all nodes referencing the deleted sub-process, and ensure that no new processes reference the deleted sub-process.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: January 2019