KB-1928 "No configuration setting found for key 'zkServers'" error appears while trying to reset the analytics engines


When upgrading an environment, the following error appears while trying to reset the analytics engines:

APPIAN_HOME\services\bin>resetAnalytics.bat -p ********** 
Exception in thread "main" com.typesafe.config.ConfigException$Missing: No configuration setting found for key 'zkServers'


This error appears when the appian topology file does not contain the zookeeperCluster element as per the following example:

<topology port="5000">
   <server host="localhost">
     <engine name="forums"/>
     <engine name="notify"/>
     <engine name="notify-email"/>
     <engine name="channels"/>
     <engine name="content"/>
     <engine name="collaboration-statistics"/>
     <engine name="personalization"/>
     <engine name="portal"/>
     <engine name="process-design"/>
     <engine name="process-analytics0"/>
     <engine name="process-analytics1"/>
     <engine name="process-analytics2"/>
     <engine name="process-execution0"/>
     <engine name="process-execution1"/>
     <engine name="process-execution2"/>
   <search-cluster port="9300">
     <broker host="localhost" port="9092"/>
     <zookeeper host="localhost" port="2181"/>


Update the appian-topology.xml file in order to add the zookeeperCluster section. This file should be located in <APPIAN_HOME>/conf/ for Appian version 18.2 and later, or in <APPIAN_HOME>/ear/suite.ear/conf/ for Appian version 18.1 and earlier.

Affected Versions

This article applies to Appian version 17.3 and later.

Last Reviewed: April 2019