KB-1896 FAQs related to email configuration on Appian Cloud

Table of Contents:

Are the Appian Cloud sites pre-configured to receive emails?

Yes. Refer to this link for more information.

Can an email alias be configured to receive emails on Appian Cloud?

Using an email alias is not supported on Appian Cloud. Customers can only send emails using the process model UUID, process model ID, event ID and process ID as documented here. Customers can however set up an email address on their end and can configure that account to forward the email to the Appian Cloud site.

Can customers use their own email servers to deliver emails from Appian Cloud?

Yes, this is possible. Create a case with Appian Technical Support to set up this configuration.

Is email encryption possible on Appian Cloud?

Appian Cloud SMTP servers will attempt to encrypt emails using TLS if supported by the customer email server.

Can the default email sender address be modified on Appian Cloud? For example, is it possible to change the default sender "admin@customer.appiancloud.com" to "admin@customer.com"?

Yes. Create a case with Appian Technical Support to request this change.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian Cloud.

Last Reviewed: March 2019