KB-1961 High disk space due to <APPIAN_HOME>/tomcat/apache-tomcat/temp> directory


Files located in <APPIAN_HOME>/tomcat/apache-tomcat/temp consume a large amount of space on disk


This directory contains temporary files which are generated by the application server while the environment is running. Normally these are cleaned up automatically but in some scenarios they may persist after the application server is shut down.

This issue has been reported to the Appian Product Team. The reference number for this issue is AN-135030.


After stopping the application server, delete all the content in the <APPIAN_HOME>/tomcat/apache-tomcat/temp directory.

  • Windows users can navigate to that directory and delete all the content from UI.
  • Linux users can run the following command to clear the content in that directory:
    • rm -R <APPIAN_HOME>/tomcat/apache-tomcat/temp/*

Note: Restarting the application server may not clear all the content in this directory.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last reviewed: June 2019