KB-1968 Barcode Component does not scan some barcodes on Mobile


When using a mobile device to scan barcodes with the Barcode Component in the Appian App, some types of barcodes are not scanned or registered by the camera.

Additionally, the Accepted Types parameter is defined in the function, such as:

  label: "Product Barcode",
  instructions: "Scan a barcode from a product box",
acceptedTypes: "UPCA""UPCE" )


The types of barcode listed in the Accepted Types field does not include the type of barcode trying to be scanned.


Check that the Accepted Types field lists the type of barcode that is trying to be scanned.

If there is no requirement on the type of barcode that can be scanned, consider removing this parameter to allow all types of barcodes to be scanned.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of versions of Appian on Mobile.

Last Reviewed: July 2019