KB-1963 Button confirmation message does not reflect input value when refreshAfter=UNFOCUS


When clicking a button immediately after inputting a value in a field, a conditional confirmMessage based on that field will not properly reflect the inputted value if refreshAfter="UNFOCUS".


confirmMessage evaluations complete before input field re-evaluations when refreshAfter="UNFOCUS", so this behavior is expected.


Set refreshAfter="KEYPRESS" to ensure that the input field is evaluated before the confirmation message.

A product use case to change this evaluation behavior has been logged to the Appian Product Team for consideration.
Kindly note it is not Appian Support’s policy to disclose how or when a product use case will be implemented.


If refreshAfter="KEYPRESS" cannot be used, it may be possible to set a conditional refreshAfter value based on the use case.

For example, if the confirm message is conditional on a null input value, then the following refreshAfter settings may be appropriate: refreshAfter: if(isnull(local!saveIntoVar), "KEYPRESS", "UNFOCUS").

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: June 2019