KB-1973 Adding a connected environment fails with "URL did not return valid public key" error


Adding a connected environment in the Admin Console for an Appian environment that has IP whitelisting enabled fails with the following error:

The following error is also observed in the application server log: 

ERROR com.appiancorp.connectedenvironments.logging.DevOpsInfrastructureAuditLogger - [ERROR, null, null, https://<other_site_subdomain>.appiancloud.com/suite, OUTGOING, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, URL did not return a valid public key: https://<other_site_subdomain>.appiancloud.com/suite]



The Appian Cloud region IP addresses have not been added to the other environment's IP whitelist and connection attempts are being blocked.


Certain URL paths under /suite that are used by the Devops: Infrastructure connection are being blocked. 



Open a case with Appian Support to add the Appian Cloud region's IP addresses to the environment being added as a connected environment. See KB-1582 for specific IP addresses to add based on region.


Ensure that the following URLs are exempt from any whitelisting on both servers involved with the Devops: Infrastructure operation:

Enable Generic Devops: Infrastructure

  • https://<other_site_URL>/suite/devops-infrastructure/request
  • https://<other_site_URL>/suite/devops-infrastructure/handler
  • https://<other_site_URL>/suite/devops-infrastructure/public-key

Enable Compare App Functionality on 19.2

  • https://<other_site_URL>/suite/devops-infrastructure/com_appiancorp_designobjectdiffs_functions_application_DodConnEnvCallSystemRuleHandler

Enable Compare App Functionality on 19.3

  • https://<other_site_URL>/suite/devops-infrastructure/dod:callSystemRule
  • https://<other_site_URL>/suite/devops-infrastructure/dod:getProcessModelFromCE

Affected Versions

This article applies to Appian versions 19.1, 19.2, and 19.3.

Last Reviewed: August 2019