KB-1979 Health Check fails to run with HTTP 404 error or "unable to connect to Forum" error


The Health Check report fails to generate in the Admin Console:

Additionally, health-check.log shows one of the following errors:

Run encountered an error during data analysis (APNX-1-4520-207) 
HTTP response error when sending data collection to forum: Service Unavailable
Report was not ready, retrying again. Retry count: 1 TimeStamp: <TIMESTAMP_FROM_RUN>
Error downloading report after 1 attempts
Error while getting report from Forum: Run encountered an error during data analysis (APNX-1-4520-207)Invalid Content ID
com.appiancorp.healthcheck.pipeline.WaitingOnAnalysisDataStep failed. Stopping the thread now.


Since Health Check analysis runs on Appian Forum, it will fail if Forum is down/unreachable or the connection to Forum encounters issues while Health Check is running. This can occur if Forum is undergoing scheduled maintenance, which is announced on Appian Community:


  1. Check MyAppian to see if results from the failed run appear. Note: Results will only appear if there was a connection issue while retrieving the report. If Forum was down/unreachable, no results will appear.
  2. If results from the failed run do not appear or the Health Check report is needed, manually start a new Health Check run outside of the scheduled maintenance time noted in Appian Community or wait for the next scheduled Health Check run.

Ensure that Health Check runs are scheduled outside of known Forum maintenance times listed in KB-2162 Appian Forum maintenance schedule.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: September 2022