KB-2024 "Invalid function" error and missing dependents after object rename

Expression evaluation error at function rule!renameExample [line 3]: Invalid function rule!renameExample

The following warning was not seen on object rename as described in the Renaming Design Objects documentation:

These additional symptoms are all seen as well:


The dependent objects that are missing from the renamed objects's dependents list are using by-name references, as described in the Renaming Design Objects documentation, but were not recognized by Appian's by-name reference check.


Take these steps on the environment the rule was renamed in. If this issue was discovered after importing a renamed object, take the same steps in the environment the renamed rule was imported into:

  1. Rename the renamed object back its original name.
  2. Resave any objects missing from the renamed object's dependents list.

These steps will remove any by-name references the dependent objects currently use, preventing this issue from reoccurring for the renamed object in future renames.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: November 2019