KB-2104 Record action component fails to import properly due to a missing precedent


If a new object referencing an action within a record type, primarily used within a!recordActionField(), is deployed before the record type is, the record action fails to import properly. Package inspection shows the following error:

The content [id=<ID> uuid=<UUID>] was not imported because a required precedent is missing: recordAction [uuid=<UUID> location=?] cannot be found. (APNX-1-4070-001) (APNX-1-4071-006)


The associated record type has not been 'updated' to use the record action component or, the record type on the target environment does not contain the referenced record action.


Include the associated record type within the deployment package. To find the missing record type, copy the record action UUID and perform a UUID search in the All Objects view of Appian Designer. This will find any expressions which use the record action reference. From here, the user can see which record type the action is associated with.

Affected Versions

This article applies to Appian version 20.1 and later. 

Last Reviewed: May 2020