KB-2146 Cannot view or navigate to sites on iOS mobile app


When using the iOS Appian mobile application:

  • Users who have a site as their start page see the following error:
    The site does not exist, or you do not have sufficient privileges to access it.
  • Users who have Tempo as their start page cannot see other site options when using the left navigation bar. However, these site options are visible on desktop and mobile browsers.

  • The following error is seen in tomcat-stdOut.log when the user signs in:

    com.appiancorp.core.expr.exceptions.ExpressionRuntimeException$AppianExceptionWithRootCauseProvider: Expression evaluation error: Error is in the title expression for page with web address identifier *****


This occurs due to an expression evaluation error in the Title field of a site page, causing the mobile bootstrap call to fail to present all sites. Note that expression evaluation errors within a Site object can fail silently, which can cause them to be missed during development. The error in tomcat-stdOut.log will specify what is causing the evaluation to fail (e.g. Could not find variable 'local!hello')

This issue has been reported to the Appian Product Team with reference number AN-128510.


Locate the affected Site page by manually searching for the web address identifier (denoted by ***** in the error above) in all Site objects. For example, if the web address identifier in the logs is admin, look for a Site object that has a Page with Web Address Identifier of admin. Edit the Title expression of this Page based on the issue specified in the logs.  


Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: August 2020