KB-2139 How to enable additional SAML Assertion validations on Appian Cloud


Appian has introduced additional SAML Assertion validations for improved security that will be enabled by default on Appian Cloud versions 20.3 and later. This feature is not enabled by default on Appian Cloud versions 20.2 and earlier. As this feature validates additional SAML Assertion parameters, the introduction of this feature may result in SAML login failures for some users.

To verify if any SAML configuration changes are needed to pass the additional SAML Assertion validations, Appian Cloud customers on versions 20.2 and earlier can take the following steps to request this feature be enabled.


To verify if this feature will cause SAML login issues:

  1. Take a SAML Trace as outlined in the last section of KB-1450. The SAML trace must include the SAML Assertion from a login attempt.
  2. Navigate to the SAML Authentication section in the Admin Console and click into the desired SAML configuration.
  3. Take screenshots of the page to be submitted in a later step.
  4. Open a Support Case with Appian Support requesting that this additional SAML Assertion validation feature be enabled to confirm that users can log in successfully. Make sure to provide both the SAML trace from step 1 and the screenshots from step 3.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian Cloud.

Last Reviewed: August 2020