KB-2151 "The Token can't be used before" error when adding environments to DevOps Infrastructure


When attempting to add an environment to the Infrastructure section of the Admin console, users see the following error when attempting to approve the request in the target environment:

YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS,SSS [ajp-nio-XXXX-exec-XX] ERROR com.appiancorp.rest.shared.AppianExceptionMapper - Internal Server Error on REST API invocation.
com.appiancorp.exceptions.LocalizedAppianRuntimeException$LocalizedAppianException: Expression evaluation error [evaluation ID = XXXXXXXX] : The Token can't be used before Day Mon Date HH:MM:SS GMT YYYY. (APNX-X-XXXX-XXX)


The server times for the two environments are out of sync.


Ensure the server time on both environments is up-to-date and in-sync with each other. For Linux, the timedatectl and ntpd utilities are available to retrieve more information regarding server time. For Windows, the w32tm utility is available to check server time.

Affected Versions

This article applies to Appian 19.4 and later.

Last Reviewed: September 2020