KB-1007 "Qualified name not unique or temporary" error thrown when trying to import CDTs into Appian


While importing CDTs into Appian, users might encouter the following error:

datatype "*cdt_name*": An error occurred while creating datatype [uuid={urn:XXX:XXX}XXX]: An error occurred while importing the XSD. No types have been imported. Details: Invalid Type: Type Error: Qualified name not unique or temporary - {urn:XXX:XXX}XXX (APNX-1-4050-000) (APNX-1-4071-007)

While importing an application, users might encouter this following error instead:

A data type could not be updated because it or one of its dependents is currently being updated somewhere else in the system. Please try again later. Detals: Invalid Type: Type Error: Cannot clean up locked type


This issue can occur if the import of the data types was interrupted (e.g. the application server was shutdown or it lost communication with the engines). This leaves the "importing" flag enabled for these CDTs for 2 hours from the time of import. This flag is used to prevent people importing the same CDT at the same time to avoid conflicts, however, if the application server goes down or it loses communication with the engines the acknowledgment required to reset that flag is never received until a 2 hours period completes. This 2 hours wait time was introduced in Appian 6.6.1 Hotfix A. In previous versions or non-patched versions this flag is never reset and the users have to rename the CDT.


There are multiple ways to address this issue:

  • Wait for 2 hours before importing again.
  • Rename the CDTs (this will require updating all process models that use the old CDT to use the new CDT).
  • Reinstall Appian (this is feasible if this is a new install) and make it point to a clean primary data source.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: February 2017