KB-1031 Appian application for iOS stuck at "Verifying" with Good's app wrapper


When entering the server URL in the Appian iOS application wrapped with Good's app wrapper and tapping Next, the application will be stuck at the "Verifying" screen. There are no error messages, and the only way to bypass the "Verifying" screen is to kill the application from the iOS application switcher (double-tapping the Home button and swiping the Appian application up).

The following errors will appear in Xcode:

Aug 21 11:37:51 iPad Appian[219] : PolicySocket::ackArrived msgType=0
Aug 21 11:38:25 iPad Appian[219] : NSURLSession - use of an NSURLSession instance is disabled. (sessionWithConfiguration:delegate:delegateQueue)
Aug 21 11:38:25 iPad Appian[219] : -[AEVerificationClient verifyBaseServerAddress:success:failure:] [Line 79] 
Verifying base server address: https://<server_url>
Aug 21 11:38:25 iPad Appian[219] : -[AEVerificationClient verifyAccountAtBaseServerPath:andContext:andSiteStub:success:failure:] [Line 189] 
Attempting to connect to https://<server_url>/suite/api/feed/tempo/default
Aug 21 11:38:25 iPad Appian[219] : NSURLSession - use of NSURLSessionDataTask is disabled. (dataTaskWithRequest:)
Aug 21 11:39:02 iPad syncdefaultsd[213] : (Note ) marked "com.me.keyvalueservice" topic as "ignored" on (null)


Apple introduced a new networking stack in iOS 7 and declared the old one deprecated. Good's app wrapping solution does not work out of the box with this networking stack.

With the release of the 2.7.3 version of the Appian application for iOS, however, Appian began utilizing the new networking stack.


Appian for Good is now available and can be downloaded from the Good Marketplace.

Affected Versions

This article applies to Appian for iOS versions 2.7.3, 2.8.0, and later used with iOS 7 and later, only when wrapped using Good's app wrapper.

Last Reviewed: April 2017