KB-2212 Setting up Government Acquisition Management solutions for Oracle databases


This page is intended for those implementing the Government Acquisition Management (GAM) solutions on an Oracle database. Knowing that many of our GAM customers utilize an Oracle DB, we now provide a way to request Oracle-compatible scripts for each GAM solution. 


Using Oracle Scripts

Please note that these scripts are intended to act as an accelerator to get the GAM solution installed with an Oracle database. However, these scripts are not officially supported by the product, so it is up to the customer implementation team to test, validate and adjust these scripts for the client’s specific needs.

Specifically, the implementation team should:

  • Review the scripts to ensure that they meet the requirements of the client’s RDBMS.
  • Extend the scripts to include support for any customizations.
  • Test and validate the scripts within the client’s environment to ensure compatibility with client infrastructure.
  • Understand that maintenance and script updates for new releases are up to the client implementation team. However, Appian does intend to release updated Oracle scripts with each subsequent GAM release.

Requesting Oracle Scripts

You can request Oracle-compatible scripts by opening a case with Appian Support.

The support case should include:

  • Your intended solution go-live date
  • Which GAM solutions you would like Oracle scripts for
  • The versions of those solutions (major.minor.hotfix)

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian using the GAM solution.