KB-2218 Integrations using a DocuSign connected system with basic authentication start failing despite no changes


Integrations that use a DocuSign connected system with basic authentication are failing after October 5, 2022 despite no configuration changes made.


DocuSign recently announced that on October 5, 2022, it will be removing support for basic authentication as a means of calling its APIs in favor of JWT Grant authentication. 


JWT Grant authentication for DocuSign was introduced in the following Appian versions:

  • 22.3 GA
  • 22.1.550.0
  • 21.4.880.0
  • 21.3.1150.0
  • 21.2.1350.0
  • 21.1.1615.0

Ensure you are on a version where JWT Grant authentication is supported. Then, update any DocuSign connected system objects to use JWT Grant authentication instead of basic authentication. More details regarding this update can be found in our documentation here.

Affected versions

This article applies to Appian 21.1 and later.

Last reviewed: July 2022