KB-1042 "Failed to append transaction to DB (\"X.kdb: Bad file descriptor\")" thrown after attempting to start engines


After running start-suite.bat|sh, one or more engines won't start.

In the APP window (Windows) or in the gw-*.log file (Unix), the following lines are displayed:

No transactions for replay
  0 (100%) replayed in 03.739s
 "Failed to append transaction to DB (\"XXXX.kdb: Bad file descriptor\")"


The user that ran the start-suite.bat|sh command does not have read and write permissions over one or more of the .kdb files for the engine(s) in question.


To correct this issue, perform the following:

  1. Either change permissions or ownership of the .kdb file(s) causing issues so that the user intended to start the Appian engines can read and write to all .kdb files for that particular installation.
  2. Restart the Appian engines.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: October 2015