KB-1056 "INSERT command denied to user 'appian'@'' for table 'XXXX'" error returned when executing a SQL trigger


This applies to the PHPMyAdmin interface on Appian Cloud sites. If running a SQL trigger which fails to execute, an error similar to the following appears in the application server log (formatted as jboss1-stdOut.log.<date> on Cloud sites):

org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException: Could not execute JDBC batch update: java.sql.BatchUpdateException: INSERT command denied to user 'appian'@'' for table 'XXXX'

The exact contents of the error can vary depending on the SQL statement.


The definer being used for the SQL statement has insufficient permissions over the table being queried or updated.

In Appian Cloud sites there is a default definer used whenever a query is run against tables in PHPMyAdmin. In this case, the wrong definer is likely being specified, leading to the permissions error. Any definers that have been specified explicitly should be removed in order to prevent conflicts with the default Appian definer.


Remove any definers that have been specified in the SQL statement. If there are no definers in the SQL statement itself, check the edit page for the trigger. There could be a definer listed at the bottom of the page, which should be removed:

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian Cloud.

Last Reviewed: February 2017