KB-1091 What does the "GW restarted X times" error in checkengine mean?


After running checkengine.bat|sh, users will notice the following error appear in the console window:

ERROR    GW<#> restarted X times


This is an indication that the gateway has been restarted X times since the last restart of the engine (most commonly by stop-suite.bat|sh and start-suite.bat|sh). This does not necessarily mean that the engine is currently in an error state, however there have been issues with this engine since the last restart.


To clear the error from checkengine.bat|sh, perform a full restart of the environment per Starting and Stopping Appian and rerun checkengine.bat|sh.

Note: Restarting the engines only resets the restart counter for all engines. If the underlying issue with one or more of the engines that originally caused this error to appear in checkengine.bat|sh is still present, the error will most likely return unless the original issue is addressed.

KB-1079 describes one scenario where this error may occur.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: July 2017