KB-1117 Appian Cloud - MySQL timezone change to GMT


As of 16.2, all new Appian Cloud customers will have MySQL configured with its timezone as GMT (+00:00).


For existing customers, the MySQL timezone is set to Eastern Time (ET). Existing Appian Cloud customers have the option to set their current sites’ MySQL timezones to GMT. To do so, please create a case with Technical Support to handle this request.

If you proceed to change the MySQL timezone to GMT from ET, please configure the change in your development environment before proceeding to higher environments.

The following will be affected:

  • If a field is of type “timestamp” in MySQL, the time displayed will appear in GMT.
  • If a field is of type “datetime” in MySQL, the existing datetime value will remain in ET. All new datetime values will be written in GMT.
  • If a datetime value is stored in the database in ET (default) and the user preference is set to Eastern time, the designer must account for the timezone change if the user preference is not in GMT.
  • Existing use of NOW(), CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(), CURRENT_TIME(), CURTIME(), CURRENT_DATE(), CURDATE(), SYSDATE() will now return the date and time in GMT.

The following will not be affected:

  • The timezone of MySQL does not reflect the Appian user’s timezone preference.
  • Timestamps in News are unaffected.

Affected Versions


This article applies to Appian Cloud.

Last Reviewed: July 2017