KB-1280 "com.appiancorp.kougar.driver.exceptions.Signal: type" error thrown when starting JBoss in a distributed environment


When trying to start JBoss in an environment where where the engines and the application server are hosted on separate physical servers, JBoss fails to start with the following error:

[ServerService Thread Pool -- 85] ERROR com.appiancorp.common.config.ConfigObject - An error occurred while trying to initialize the config object com.appiancorp.ap2.LocaleConfig using the following resources: /WEB-INF/conf/locale-config.xml
INFO [stdout] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 85) com.appiancorp.kougar.driver.exceptions.Signal: type


The appian-topology.xml file on the engine server does not match the appian-topology.xml file on the application server. These files should be exact copies of each other.


  1. Ensure the appian-topology.xml files are accurate and consistent in every part of the distributed environment.
  2. Restart JBoss.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian using JBoss EAP as an application server.

Last Reviewed: March 2017