KB-1594 Appian mobile app renders in "browser" mode instead of "native app" mode


After a successful login attempt, The Appian Mobile App renders in “browser” mode instead of “native app” mode.


If upon opening Appian, the user is first directed to a custom login authentication site (through SSO or some other custom authentication configuration), when the User is redirected back to the Appian server after authentication, the Appian server does not receive the correct HTTP response code (302) and/or the original URL that was initially requested by the Mobile App.


After users are logged in on the site handling authentication, the site must respond back to the Appian server’s HTTP GET/POST request with a 302 or 301 HTTP response code. The URL the user is redirected back to must also contain ‘/suite/tempo’ or ‘/suite/sites’. This can be implemented on a server level or through javascript.

Affected Versions

This article applies to the Appian mobile app, versions 16.1 and later.

Last Reviewed: June 2018