KB-1322 How to update an email address on a Community user ID and transfer A-Scores to a different user ID

Update email

To update the email address that is tied to your Community user ID, your User Registration Administrator will need to register a brand new user ID with the new email address. The steps to register a new user can be found in KB-1247. If you do not know who your new User Registration Administrator is, contact support@appian.com.

For example, if your old email address is userxyz@companya.com and you would like to update your user ID to be userxyz@companyb.com, then the User Registration Administrator from Company B will have to register your account following the steps in KB-1247.

Transfer A-Score

If you are an Appian practitioner and need to transfer your A-Score from Company A to Company B, create an A-Score case to migrate your A-Score from Company A to Company B using the Create a Case button on Community once the new user ID is created and is associated with a customer or partner account.